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We introduce a wide range of linguistic induced generalized aggregation distance operators. First, we present the linguistic induced generalized ordered weighted averaging distance (LIGOWAD) operator. It is a generalization of the OWA operator that uses linguistic variables, distance measures, order inducing variables and generalized means in order to(More)
BACKGROUND In the process of bone defective reparation and engineered bone tissue construction, osteoblasts are adhered to the surface of the scaffold materials and impart the external mechanical load to the osteoblasts. So, the dynamic mechanical property of the scaffolds play an important role in the bone tissue repair and it is valuable to research.(More)
We propose a new approximate method for counting the number of the solutions for constraint satisfaction problem (CSP). The method derives from the partition function based on introducing the free energy and capturing the relationship of probabilities of variables and constraints, which requires the marginal probabilities. It firstly obtains the marginal(More)
Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan (HA/CS) composite have significant application in biomedical especially for bone replacement. Inorganic particle shape and size of composite affect the scaffold mechanical property, biological property, and degradation. The aim of this study was to fabricate HA/CS scaffold with good pore connectivity and analyze their biological,(More)
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