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Preparation and characterization of a novel hydrophilic PVDF/PVA UF membrane modified by carboxylated multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)/polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) ultrafiltration (UF) membranes were prepared via a phase inversion method employing the modification of carboxylated multiwalled carbonExpand
One-pot synthesis of ZnO/ZnGa2O4 heterojunction with X/XY structure for improved photocatalytic activity
Abstract A large scale one-pot coprecipitation method is developed for synthesis of ZnO/ZnGa2O4 heterojunction photocatalysts. XRD and Raman spectra show that ZnO and ZnGa2O4 are formed. SEM imagesExpand
Bio-inspired GO-Ag/PVDF/F127 membrane with improved anti-fouling for natural organic matter (NOM) resistance
Abstract The modified membrane GO-Ag/PVDF was fabricated using co-polymer F127 and nanocomposite GO-Ag as functional additives via non-solvent induced phase separation (NIPS) method for naturalExpand
Effect of cellulose triacetate membrane thickness on forward‐osmosis performance and application for spent electroless nickel plating baths
Cellulose triacetate (CTA) forward-osmosis (FO) membranes were prepared via the phase inversion method. The influence of thickness on the performance and morphology of CTA FO membranes was discussedExpand
Synergy of graphene oxide–silver nanocomposite and amphiphilic co-polymer F127 on antibacterial properties and permeability of PVDF membrane
A graphene oxide–silver (GO–Ag) nanocomposite was formed by in situ reduction in the casting solution and was employed to decorate polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane, together with amphiphilicExpand
Progress on carbon materials and surface modified carbon materials of anode for microbial fuel cells
Great attentions have been paid to the new technology of energy exploration and utilization due to the increasingly serious energy crisis and water pollution. Microbial fuel cells(MFCs) as a novelExpand
A PVDF/PVB composite UF membrane improved by F-127-wrapped fullerene for protein waste-water separation
A novel polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)/polyvinyl butyral (PVB) ultrafiltration (UF) membrane was prepared via a non-solvent induced phase inversion (NIPS) method and blended with F-127-wrappedExpand
Bohai sea front detection using BJ -1 small satellite data
Fronts in the Bohai sea are detected based on BJ-1 small satellite data using a gravitation model. We select the red band as the experimental band due to the characters of small satellite data. InExpand
Foreground benefit of land rearrangement for Weizigou Town Zhangwu County Liaoning Province
n view of the problem of rural lend use,with the land rearrangement item of Weizigou Town,Zhangwu County,Liaoning Province as example and the method of comparison analysis the articel analyzesExpand