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Soil amendment with manure compost may influence environmental behaviors and bioavailability of toxic organic chemicals (e.g. pesticide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). Dynamic parameters like adsorption, kinetics, mobility and degradation of pesticides have been intensively investigated. However, the current methods to evaluate the ultimate real(More)
Prometryne is a selective herbicide of the s-triazine chemical family. Due to its weak absorption onto soil, it readily leaches down through the soil and contaminates underground water. Application of organic manure to soil has become a widespread practice as a disposal strategy to improve soil properties. In this study, we demonstrated the effect of pig(More)
We present measurements of the charmonium state h(c)(1P(1)) made with 106x10(6) psi' events collected by BESIII at BEPCII. Clear signals are observed for psi'-->pi0 h(c) with and without the subsequent radiative decay h(c)-->gamma eta(c). First measurements of the absolute branching ratios B(psi'-->pi0 h(c)) = (8.4+/-1.3+/-1.0) x 10(-4) and B(h(c)-->gamma(More)
In our development of total serum thyroxin TRFIA using an immobilized second-antibody (S-Ab) as the separation agent, we observed a significant measurement bias caused by a matrix interference when the immobilized S-Ab had a relatively low binding capacity for the primary anti-T4 monoclonal antibody (McAb). Therefore, we employed a new separation system(More)
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