Su-Qin Shen

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Growing bodies of studies have been conducted on the association of TP53 Arg72Pro polymorphism with susceptibility to ovarian cancer and have yielded conflicting results. Thus, a meta-analysis was performed to summarize the possible association. 18 case–control studies, including 2,193 ovarian cancer cases and 5,175 controls were identified. The quality of(More)
Aurora-A is a centrosome-localized serine/threonine kinase that is overexpressed in multiple human cancers. We previously reported an intramolecular inhibitory regulation of Aurora-A between its N-terminal regulatory domain (Nt, amino acids [aa] 1-128) and the C-terminal catalytic domain (Cd, aa 129-403). Here, we demonstrate that although both Aurora-A(More)
SEPT4 belongs to the Septin family with multiple functions in cell division, cytoskeletal organization and other processes. This study aims to investigate the relationship between SEPT4_i1 isoform and human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). We showed that over-expression of SEPT4_i1 in HCC cells was able to sensitize cells to serum starvation-induced(More)
T-complex protein 10A homolog 2 (TCP10L) was previously demonstrated to be a potential tumor suppressor in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, little is known about the molecular mechanism. MAX dimerization protein 1 (MAD1) is a key transcription suppressor that is involved in regulating cell cycle progression and Myc-mediated cell(More)
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