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The plasma membrane of red blood cells permits sugars to be loaded into the cytoplasm simply by incubation in a suitable buffer solution containing the sugar. This may provide some hope for the freeze-drying of human red blood cells. However, the effect of the loading process on red blood cells has not been fully investigated. The exposure of(More)
This paper reports the results of 10 years of observations on the clinical manifestations, pathology and immunity to filariasis and aetiological biology of filariae in three volunteers (first author and his family members) who were inoculated experimentally with infective larvae of periodic Brugia malayi in 1981. The changes in clinical symptoms and signs(More)
Although incubation with glucose before freezing can increase the recovery of human red blood cells frozen with polymer, this method can also result in membrane lesions. This study will evaluate whether addition of oligosaccharide (trehalose, sucrose, maltose, or raffinose) can improve the quality of red blood cell membrane after freezing in the presence of(More)
Fluctuations in glucose levels in diabetic patients can result in oxidative stress, resulting in an increased risk for diabetic complications. We investigated whether antioxidation would protect the kidney from oxidative stress in diabetic rats treated with insulin and provide evidence for the efficacy of antioxidant treatment in diabetes management.(More)
Chemical reactivity and stability of highly epitaxial mixed-conductive LaBaCo2O5.5+δ (LBCO) thin films on (001) LaAlO3 (LAO) single-crystalline substrates, fabricated by using pulsed laser deposition system, were systematically investigated. Microstructure studies from x-ray diffraction indicate that the films are c-axis oriented with the interface(More)
Long-term preservation of platelets is a great challenge for blood transfusion centers, due to the required narrow storage temperature arange (22 ± 2 degree C). Short shelf life and potential bacterial growth often lead to the shortage of high-quality platelets. Freeze-dried preservation is thus believed to be a potential solution for long-term platelet(More)
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