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Socioeconomic Equity in Regional Distribution of Health Care Resources in Korea
The results suggest that except the Seoul area, little regional socioeconomic-related inequalities were observed in the distribution of health care resources in Korea. Expand
Investigation of Fungicide Response of Streptomyces spp. Isolated from Rhizosphere in Zoysiagrass
Bacterial strains showed tolerance against 1 carbamate, 1 organophosphate and 1 cyanopyrrole group, while have no tolerance against two mixture formulations (1 Quinone + Strobilurin and 1 Imidazole + Triazole). Expand
Effect of γ-alumina nanorods on CO hydrogenation to higher alcohols over lithium-promoted CuZn-based catalysts
Abstract To achieve high catalytic activities and long-term stability to produce higher alcohols via CO hydrogenation, the catalytic activities were tuned by controlling the loading amounts ofExpand
Characterization of osthenol metabolism in vivo and its pharmacokinetics
The quantitative method was validated in terms of linearity, accuracy, and precision and the BA of osthenol is low after oral administration, which was determined by LC-HR/MS analysis of the blood sample. Expand
Deoxyshikonin reversibly inhibits cytochrome P450 2B6.
The results indicated that deoxyshikonin-induced drug-drug interaction should be considered when any herb containing de oxyshIKonin is used for conventional medications. Expand
Salt Tolerance Assessment with NaCl of Stauntonia hexaphylla (Thunb.) Decene. and Raphiolepis indica var. umbellata (Thunb.) Ohashi
Stauntonia hexaphylla and Raphiolepis indica, cold-tolerant broadleaved evergreens ranging through the southern region of South Korea, were assessed on salt tolerance with NaCl treatment using visualExpand
Modeling Methodology for Cold Tolerance Assessment of Pittosporum tobira
Abstract: This study was carried out to develop a simple, rapid and reliable assessment model to predict cold tolerance in Pittosporum tobira, a broad-leaved evergreen commonly used in the southernExpand