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Model for the distributions of k-mers in DNA sequences.
The evolutionary features based on the distributions of k-mers in the DNA sequences of various organisms are studied. The organisms are classified into three groups based on their evolutionaryExpand
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Spectral classification of archaeal and bacterial genomes
The power spectra of the nucleotides in the coding and noncoding sequences of the complete genomes of twenty-two archaea and bacteria are obtained. According to the intensities at the periodicity ofExpand
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Diffusion coefficients of two-dimensional viral DNA walks.
  • T. Hsu, Su-Long Nyeo
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 1 May 2003
DNA sequences are represented as two-dimensional walkers based on groups of mapping rules for the nucleotides in the DNA sequences. Digital sequences from irrational and random numbers in base 4 areExpand
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Codon distributions in DNA sequence of Escherichia coli
The distributions of codons in the DNA sequence of Escherichia coli K-12 are studied by using several statistical methods of analysis. Codons corresponding to the amino acids leucine, alanine andExpand
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Regularization methods for delta-function potential in two-dimensional quantum mechanics
The quantum mechanics of a bound particle in the delta-function potential in two dimensions is studied with a discussion of its regularization and renormalization. A simple regularization approach isExpand
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The order of phase transition of solvable DNA melting models
The phase transition of DNA molecules is studied in an exactly solvable formalism with the Morse and Deng–Fan potentials for the interstrand hydrogen bonds of nucleotide base pairs. It is shown thatExpand
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Regularization and Feynman rules in noncovariant gauges
A regularization scheme for defining Feynman rules in the path-integral formalism is proposed. It is applied to pure abelian gauge theory and to obtaining regularized propagators in noncovariantExpand
Non-Abelian gauge theory from the Poisson bracket
The Hamiltonian of a nonrelativistic particle coupled to non-Abelian gauge fields is defined to construct a non-Abelian gauge theory. The Hamiltonian which includes isospin as a dynamical variable ...
The study of high-energy scattering processes of hadrons involving transfer of large momenta can be carried out with the help of the operator-product expansion (OPE) (Wilson, 1969) for products ofExpand
Asymmetry Effects in Polarized Hadron Scattering
We calculate the single-spin and double-spin asymmetry differential cross sections for the polarized hadron scattering PP → l+ l- + jet up to O(αs) by the helicity amplitude method. Numerical resultsExpand