Su Lin Blodgett

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Though dialectal language is increasingly abundant on social media, few resources exist for developing NLP tools to handle such language. We conduct a case study of dialectal language in online conversational text by investigating African-American English (AAE) on Twitter. We propose a distantly supervised model to identify AAE-like language from(More)
We highlight an important frontier in algorithmic fairness: disparity in the quality of natural language processing algorithms when applied to language from authors of di‚erent social groups. For example, current systems sometimes analyze the language of females and minorities more poorly than they do of whites and males. We conduct an empirical analysis of(More)
The following three sections list refereed conference papers, journal articles, workshop papers, and book chapters. Non-or lightly-refereed works are listed later in this document. Note: ACL, NAACL, EMNLP, CIKM and ICWSM are CS-style refereed conferences with a peer-reviewed, archival proceedings publication. Acceptance rates are typically 20-40%. Full(More)
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