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In this paper, an improved CBFM/p-FFT algorithm is presented, which can be applied to solve electromagnetic scattering problems of large-scale periodic composite metallic/dielectric arrays, even when the array has electrically small periodicity or separating distance. Using characteristic basis function method (CBFM), scattering characteristics of any(More)
This study employed the uses and gratifications approach to examine children’s choice of gaming genres. The measure of prosocial behavioral tendency was used as an approximation of a child’s offline gratification, and this was related to the exposure to three different genres of games (violent, aggressive and prosocial). The influence of education level was(More)
This paper focuses on the RFI signal in the impulse UWB system with equivalent time sampling. RFI signals in the equivalent time sampling cannot be completely recovered. To reveal the properties of the aliased RFI signals, we setup a simple mode of the RFI signal with time-varying phase and analyze the effect of the classical average operation. Simulations(More)
Computerised Tomography (CT) refers to the process that generates a cross-sectional or volumetric image of an object from a series of projections collected by scanning the object from many different directions [1]. Due to the essential complex feature of filtered backprojection (FBP) algorithm, image reconstruction is a computationally intensive process.(More)
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