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In the recent past, service robots that are able to interact with humans in a natural way have become increasingly popular. A special kind of service robots that are designed for personal use at home are the so-called robot companions. They are expected to communicate with non-expert users in natural and intuitive way. For such natural interactions with(More)
— Current research in robotics is driven by the goal to achieve a high user acceptance of service robots for private households. This implies that robots have to increase their social aptness in order to become a robot companion that is able to interact in a natural way and to carry out tasks for the user. In this paper we present the Bielefeld Robot(More)
An important prerequisite for the natural interaction of humans with a mobile robot is the robot's capability to detect potential communication partners. In this paper we present an approach which uses a combination of person recognition and tracking with sound source localization realized in a multi-modal anchoring framework. As in open environments(More)
The overall objective of the network security situation assessment is to establish security situation assessment system. This system can unify the large-scale network. First, it provides a security policy unified the whole network. It also provides the techniques for wide-area situation assessment. At the same time this system provides situational awareness(More)
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