Su-Kit Tang

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Triangle routing is one of the serious attacks to the Internet infrastructure. It can be caused by malicious routers which misroute packets to wrong directions. This kind of attacks creates network problems such as network congestion, denial of service and network partition and results in degrade of network performance. This paper gives a comprehensive(More)
In this paper, we propose a Multiple Disjoint Path (MDP) routing protocol to maximize network throughput and minimize the protocol overheads in wireless ad hoc networks. MDP consists of two components: virtual source routing and core heuristic. Virtual source routing constructs virtual paths that do not suffer from scalability, privacy and efficiency(More)
In this paper, we propose an implementation neutral protocol, called Multiple Disjoint Path (MDP), for the determination of the min-cut in wireless ad hoc networks by summarizing the capacity of disjoint paths constructed from source node to sink nodes. Min-cut is essential in the formulation of data being sent using Linear network code in source node. MDP(More)
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