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Ginsenoside Re and Rd enhance the expression of cholinergic markers and neuronal differentiation in Neuro-2a cells.
In Alzheimer's disease (AD), extensive neuronal loss and a deficiency of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) are the major characteristics during pathogenesis in the brain. In the present study,Expand
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Anti‐acne activity of Selaginella involvens extract and its non‐antibiotic antimicrobial potential on Propionibacterium acnes
Acne is a typical condition of adolescence and is caused by multi‐factorial events including hormonal, microbiological and immunological mechanisms. Although there has been much debate about theExpand
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An Aβ42 uptake and degradation via Rg3 requires an activation of caveolin, clathrin and Aβ-degrading enzymes in microglia.
We demonstrated previously that ginsenoside Rg3 enhances the expression of macrophage scavenger receptor class A (SRA) and amyloid β peptide 1-42 (Aβ42) uptake in BV2 cells. In this study, weExpand
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Hizikia fusiformis fractions successfully improve atopic dermatitis indices in anti‐CD3‐stimulated splenocytes and 2,4‐dinitrochlorobenzene‐treated BALB/c mice
  • K. H. Lee, H. Kim, +8 authors S. Joo
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology
  • 1 March 2014
In the present study, we aimed to examine whether fractions from an edible sea weed, Hizikia fusiformis, had immunomodulatory effects, particularly an anti‐atopic effect, by attenuating theExpand
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Influence of small-scale habitat patchiness on the genetic diversity of the Korean endemic species Saussurea chabyoungsanica (Asteraceae)
The level of genetic diversity within and among six populations of Saussurea chabyoungsanica, a Korean endemic plant distributed as small patches in limestone regions, was analyzed using ISSRExpand
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Phylogenetic Relationships of Korean viola (violaceae) Based on matK and atpB-rbcL Sequence Data of Chloroplast DNA
Phylogenetic studies were conducted ofr 42 populations of Korean viola based on matK gene and atpB-rbcL intergenic spacer region of chloroplast DNA. In the matK tree, section Chamaemelanium andExpand
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Environmental and Ecological Characteristics of Habitats of Abelia tyaihyoni Nakai
This study intended to investigate environmental factors including soil and vegetation in order to understand the environmental and ecological characteristics of four different habitats of AbeliaExpand
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The natural habitat and distribution of Echinosophora koreensis(Nakai) Nakai in Korea
The distribution and habitat characteristics of Echinosophora koreensis (Nakai) Nakai were investigated to compile basic data for conservation and restoration. The species Echinosophora koreensis isExpand
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Pharmacological advantages of melatonin in immunosenescence by improving activity of T lymphocytes
Abstract Melatonin plays a critical role in regulating photoperiodic signals and has recently been shown to decrease immunosenescence with age. In this study, we examined whether melatonin activatesExpand
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