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Form-deprivation myopia (FDM) can be prevented by exposing the animal to stroboscopic illumination (10 Hz). Flicker illumination is known to stimulate the release of dopamine (DA) from the retina. We hypothesize that DA was released and diffused into the choroid. To prove this hypothesis, we decided to undertake an investigation in chicks and measure(More)
This text based on the scattering principle of lubricating oil to near-infrared light, fully used the computer monitor technology, designed the plan of making use of near-infrared light to monitor automobile lubricating oil, and hereby it to monitor the deteriorated condition of lubricating oil. The experiment has proved that: this kind of technology for(More)
This essay focuses on a new type 6-dof parallel vibration platform, which is mainly used on the measurement of the High-Speed Train Bogie parameters. This essay applies kinematics analysis, gives the reverse solution to the new type 6-dof parallel kinematic mechanism, builds simulation model with SimMechanics module in the Simulink, and builds a VRML model(More)
With large scale increases of the train speed, it is of great practical significance to develop a fatigue test stand for high-speed train's transmission system. 3-DOF (three degree-of-freedom) electro-hydraulic shaking table for high-speed train's transmission system fatigue test is designed and its three dimensional mathematical model is established in(More)
  • Su Jian
  • 2011
The heterogeneous network is a single logical network composed of subnets of different media, different properties. In this network, the packet loss events occur more frequently when the channel changes and the reasons for packet loss are more complex than in a single network environment. Also, the traditional TCP which based on the cable environment design(More)
To investigate the solidification behavior of metallic melt under the pulsed magnetic field (PMF), a method of capacitors discharging to a pair of solenoid was utilized to produce the desired PMF. Based on the principle of R-L-C circuit and the calculation of magnetic intensity, the appropriate coil parameters of excitation solenoid, such as winding turns,(More)
The latest research of automobile ABS detection is devoted to create the test site with a special mix adhesion road, there is not currently a practical method of detection and performance evaluation for automobile ABS device, however ABS detection is an important one of automobile comprehensive performance detection, so the ABS detection method is(More)
The prestressed concrete beams are increasingly widely used in bridges, large span building structures, so old prestressed structural safety of the performance testing is increasingly important. Because nondestructive detection testing do not damage the structure itself, it is one of the best detection methods. Through the five prestressed concrete beams(More)
Deflexion-angle is a crucial parameter for automobile controlling stability and safety. For constructing the basement of deflexion-angle detection, the model of semi-trailer train’s suspension is built and leaf spring dependent suspension is replaced with helical spring dependent suspension in the model. Balance suspension is adopted to distribute(More)
The value of the chassis gap has an important impact on driving safety and handling stability of vehicle. Focusing on the efficiency and accuracy of the detection equipment for testing chassis gap, the controlling performance influenced by chassis gap and a novel tester model is presented. The finite element analysis is adopted to ensure the reliability of(More)