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In this paper, we propose an ensemble of classifiers for biomedical named entity recognition in which three classifiers (one SVM and two HMMs) are combined effectively using a simple majority voting strategy. In addition, we incorporate an abbreviation resolution module, a protein/gene name refinement module and a simple dictionary matching module into the(More)
Work Package 11 targets on the evaluation of language resources constructed and available in BOOTStrep for information access purpose. Biolexicon, BioOntology and NLP tools are accessed in Information Retrieval (IR) and Information Extraction (IE) tasks. For IR evaluation, 3 investigations have been conducted. First, an IR evaluation set focusing on Gene(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Moderate hypothermia decreases ischemic damage in experimental stroke models. This multicenter study was performed to evaluate (1) the safety and feasibility of moderate hypothermia and (2) its potential to reduce intracranial hypertension in acute stroke patients. METHODS Fifty prospective patients with cerebral infarction(More)
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