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The Universal Serial Bus (USB) has become the most popular interface standard for hardware connection, and there has been an explosion in the number of USB peripheral devices. External USB storage devices, in particular, are finding widespread application. Unfortunately, because USB affords high transmission speeds and is extremely convenient, many(More)
Recently, the authentication schemes based on password have been used widely in network environment. It provides a convenient way for users to authenticate him/her to servers. Previously, Xu et al. proposed an improved smart card based password authentication scheme with provable security. Unfortunately, Song pointed out their scheme cannot withstand(More)
With the rapid development of the Internet and information technology, electronic commerce system is flourishing. In electronic commerce, customers use electronic money (e-money) instead of cash. E-money in wide use includes electronic cash, electronic checks, electronic coupons, and so on. E-money is fixed at face-value and is backed by banks. The fact(More)
Designated verifier signature schemes are applied in situations such as electronic voting and electronic auctions. Signature recipients can ascertain the contents of the document, but cannot verify the identity of the signer to a third party. This study reviewed the protocols of past research and analyzed whether these protocols would disclose signer(More)
As online shopping has become more popular because of recent changes in consumption patterns, many electronic cash schemes have proposed. Electronic cash schemes generally utilize public key algorithms to maintain electronic cash security. However, public key algorithms use many computation resources, and make electronic cash schemes inefficient for mobile(More)
USB (Universal Serial Bus) is one of the most commonly seen interfaces. It stresses the functionality of Plug-and-Play as well as automatic detection and system resource disposition. Therefore, many peripheral applications are derived from this. Within them, storage devices of USB transport interface are most receptive and popular among for users, because(More)
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