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MicroRNAs can coordinately repress multiple target genes and interfere with the biological functions of the cell, such as proliferation and apoptosis. In the present study, we report that miR-200b was downregulated in malignant glioma cell lines and specimens. Overexpression of miR-200b suppressed the proliferation and colony formation of glioma cells. An(More)
Previous studies have shown that one of the genetic variants BDNF val66met polymorphism is associated with drug addiction. Age at onset for drugs abuse has also been regularly cited as a factor associated with high genetic predispositions. We conducted an exploratory research to investigate the association of BDNF val66met genetic polymorphism with the ages(More)
This paper presents a cluster-based transform domain communication system (TDCS) to improve spectrum efficiency. Unlike the utilities of clusters in orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) systems, the cluster-based TDCS framework divides entire unoccupied spectrum bins into L clusters, where each one represents a data steam independently, to achieve(More)
—In present of multi-path effect, the inter symbol interference (ISI) always exists in the OFDM/OQAM system and the preamble based channel estimation for the conventional orthogonal frequency division multiplex with cyclic prefix (CP-OFDM) is not feasible any more. Considering the characteristic of the extended Gaussian function (EGF), we propose two(More)
For overlay cognitive radio networks (CRNs), transform domain communication system (TDCS) has been proposed to support multiuser communications through spectrum bin nulling and frequency domain spreading. In TDCS-based CRNs, each user is assigned a specific pseudorandom spreading sequence. However, the existence of multiuser interference (MUI) has been seen(More)
For WiMAX system, the tone reservation method provide a better solution to reduce peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR). Several in-band null subcarriers are allocated with designed complex value for tone reservation by balancing the peak amplitude of baseband complex signals and other discrete symbols. In this paper, analysis of PAPR reduction gain is given(More)
Recently, many different types of artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been applied to forecast stock price and good performance is obtained. However, most of these models use only a small number of features as input and there may not be enough information to make prediction due to the complexity of stock market. If having a larger number of features, the(More)