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Not all data in practice came from a process with normal distribution. When the process distribution is non-normal or unknown, the commonly used Shewhart control charts are not suitable. In this paper, a new non-parametric CUSUM Mean Chart is proposed to monitor the possible small mean shifts in the process. The sampling properties of the new monitoring(More)
Control charts have been widely used for monitoring the functional relationship between a response variable and some explanatory variable(s) (called profile) in various industrial applications. In this article, we propose an easy-to-implement framework for monitoring nonparametric profiles in both Phase I and Phase II of a control chart scheme. The proposed(More)
Control charts are effective tools for signal detection in both manufacturing processes and service processes. Much of the data in service industries comes from processes having nonnormal or unknown distributions. The commonly used Shewhart variable control charts, which depend heavily on the normality assumption, are not appropriately used here. In this(More)
Process adjusted unnecessarily is a common problem in statistical process control. Incorrect adjustment of a process may result in shifts in process mean, process variance, or both, ultimately affecting the quality of products. The article considers the variable process control scheme for two dependent process steps with incorrect adjustment. We construct(More)
This article considers an adaptive process control scheme for a process with incorrect adjustment. Incorrect adjustment of a process may result in shifts in both the process mean and variance,ultimately affecting the quality of products. We construct control charts with adaptive sampling intervals (ASI) to control the quality variable produced by the(More)