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A fully functional radiant warmer induced rapid and continuous increases in regional skin temperatures, heart rate, mean arterial blood pressure and respiratory rate in a newborn patient without corrective action. We report this case of passive overheating to create awareness of the risks associated with regulating radiant heat output based upon a single(More)
An l-glutamate biosensor modified by cation exchanger membrane on a palladium (Pd) electrode was designed for the purpose of preventing interferences and electrode fouling during the measurement of serum AST and ALT activities. The rate of signal increase obtained by our sensor for the determination of AST and ALT activity was 0.259 and 0.596 nA/min U(-1)l(More)
OBJECTIVE The objectives of this study were to assess (i) the agreement between servo-control temperature (Tfeedback) and rectal temperature (Tre) and (ii) the distribution of regional skin temperatures (Tsk) of neonates nursed under a radiant warmer (RW) in a neonatal intensive care unit. STUDY DESIGN An observational study of 13 neonates nursed under a(More)
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