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OBJECTIVES To study norovirus gastroenteritis infection among residents and health care workers (HCWs) during an outbreak in a nursing home by investigating the attack rate and positive diagnostic rate for norovirus by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). METHODS All members in a Chang Gung Memorial Hospital-affiliated nursing home(More)
In this paper we introduce a tubular interface, the i-m-Tube, which provides convenient user interaction with multimedia content by multi-touch input and multi-resolution display. With its tubular surface, the i-m-Tube is suitable for displaying panoramic image content like the Chinese scroll painting "Along the River During the Ch'ingming Festival" which(More)
Many Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have been used in applications for money flow, logistics flow, people flow, interactive art design, and so on. To manage these increasing disparate devices and connectivity options, ETSI has specified end-to-end machine-to-machine (M2M) system architecture for IoT applications. Based on this architecture, we(More)
Breathing is one of the most important functions in human body. Usually, people do not know enough about how to breathe. Therefore, we develop a system which can detect the userpsilas breathing status and assist him by multimedia. Our system allows a user to know their bodypsilas physical conditions and, through the multimedia interactive feedback of the(More)
We explore possibilities for applying wireless sensor networks (WSN) in interactive art. One Million Heartbeats, our interactive artwork, uses a ZigBee wireless sensor network, bio-feedback sensors, video projection, sculpture, and a weblog. It depicts the struggle between twin fetuses in the "world" of a mother's womb, and many people interpret it as(More)
We examine the relation between firms’ financial structures and their risky investment strategies in Taiwan’s banking industry. Regressions cover two subperiods: before the first financial reform (1996– 2000) and after the first financial reform (2001–2006), to address the impacts of the first financial reform on banking firms’ financial structures. Our(More)
Based on the concept of ambient intelligence, we utilized wireless sensor network (WSN) and vision-based tracking technologies to create an interactive WSN-Bar. WSN-Bar is an interactive and innovative creation which has two modules: Garden of Light and Vivacious Bushes. It refers the variety of natural environmental factors and focuses on the relationship(More)