Su - Cheng Haw

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Due to its flexibility and efficiency in transmission of data, XML has become the emerging standard of data transfer and data exchange across the Internet. XML document must always be checked for well formedness before data transfer and exchange can take place. To choose the right parser for an organization respective system is crucial and critical; since(More)
The electronic structure and characteristics of Fe 3d valence states of iron-chalcogenide Fe(1.01)Se superconductors under pressure were probed with x-ray absorption spectroscopy and resonant x-ray emission spectroscopy (RXES). The intensity of the pre-edge peak at ~7112.7 eV of the Fe K-edge x-ray absorption spectrum of Fe(1.01)Se decreases for pressure(More)
There are enormous amounts of information widely available in the Intranets. This information is only useful if data can be retrieved in an accurate and timely manner. Currently, Intranet search engine has become a necessity due to lack of an efficient way to disseminate useful information to its members. In this paper, we examine the importance of Intranet(More)
The state-selective positive-ion and negative-ion dissociation pathways of gaseous and condensed Si(CH(3))(2)Cl(2) following Cl 2p, Cl 1s, and Si 2p core-level excitations have been characterized. The excitations to a specific antibonding state (15a(1) (*) state) of gaseous Si(CH(3))(2)Cl(2) at the Cl 2p, Cl 1s, and Si 2p edges produce significant(More)
 With the advanced growth of the Internet, people are expecting systems to support variety of medias. This has therefore leads to new challenges such as the requirements to have new storage, retrieval and presentation of data. In addition, as the sizes continue to grow and the data become more and more complex, it is increasingly crucial and challenging to(More)
We investigated the dissociation dynamics of positive-ion and negative-ion fragments of gaseous and condensed HCCl(3) following photoexcitation of Cl 2p electrons to various resonances. Based on ab initio calculations at levels HF/cc-pVTZ and QCISD/6-311G∗, the first doublet structures in Cl L-edge x-ray absorption spectrum of HCCl(3) are assigned to(More)
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