Su Chang Lee

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Designing a new sensor board is costly, especially for a production in a small quantity. By modularizing common functionalities, a large portion of the sensor board can be reused. In this work, we propose an Extension Board, a sensor board which is modularized into 3 parts. Power module, and MCU and RF module are shared, and only sensing module is(More)
The system is environment monitoring service based on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Users can know temperature, humidity, light, and CO<sub>2</sub> level in real time. Excessive electricity consumption by lighting in the office can be saved and the quality of the office environment can become better by controlling lighting and CO<sub>2</sub> level.
PEAKSAVE system is an energy monitoring service based on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). A smartphone is an important point of a system. Users can understand the energy consumption of each electric device and lighting in real time. Responsive energy monitoring service can help in reducing the waste of energy, especially in shaving electric load in a peak(More)
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