Su Cai

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A novel blind watermarking method on 3D meshes is proposed in this paper. PCA (primary component analysis) is used for 3D meshes 'preprocessing. Octree structure is obtained after octree partition of 3D meshes. Meaningful watermark is then embedded into SC (Single Child) nodes in bottom level of octree. This method is robust against translation, rotation,(More)
Traditional 3D virtual environments give people an isolated feeling in their interactive experience. This paper proposes a simulation instruction mode based on 3D Augmented Reality (AR) environments which can improve interactive experience. The camera detects the presetting markers which will later generate 3D virtual objects and shoots teachers' and(More)
—Three robust blind watermarking methods of 3D models based on Octree are proposed in this paper: OTC-W, OTP-W and Zero-W. Primary Component Analysis and Octree partition are used on 3D meshes. A scrambled binary image for OTC-W and a scrambled RGB image for OTP-W are separately embedded adaptively into the single child nodes at the bottom level of Octree(More)