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BACKGROUND/AIMS The proper assessment of the current disease status of patients with chronic hepatitis B would be valuable for establishing optimal management strategies. METHODS The clinical and laboratory characteristics of 2,954 patients with current or previous antiviral treatment (46.2±10.8 years, 69.7% male) enrolled from 46 referral hospitals and(More)
Arterial hypertension is the most common cardiovascular disease in older than middle-aged patients. Reported incidence of secondary hypertension in this age group is around 10%. To evaluate secondary hypertension, history taking and physical examination should be precise, which are usually not routinely performed in busy outpatient clinic. Here, we report(More)
BACKGROUND Exercise-stress electrocardiography (ECG) is initially recommended for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. But its value has been questioned in women because of suboptimal diagnostic accuracy. Stress echocardiography had been reported to have comparable test accuracy in women. But the data comparing the diagnostic accuracy of(More)
There has been a rising interest in interarm blood pressure difference (IAD), due to its relationship with peripheral arterial disease and its possible relationship with cardiovascular disease. This study aimed to characterize hypertensive patients with a significant IAD in relation to cardiovascular risk. A total of 3699 patients (mean age, 61 ± 11 years)(More)
A 59-year-old man with multifocal cerebral infarction was found to have the large obstructive mitral valvular mass. Although benign tumor was under suspicion before surgery, he was finally diagnosed as chronic infective endocarditis by microscopic evaluation. The precise diagnosis and the proper management of a cardiac mass are very important since even the(More)
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