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Optical switching technologies such as reconfigurable add/drop multiplexers and cross-connects (OADMs/OXCs) have the ability to perform wavelength routing, provisioning, protection/restoration and traffic management thus enabling to cope with the dynamic nature of the data traffic that is met especially in the metro environment. Wavelength selective(More)
The traffic carried by core optical networks grows at a steady but remarkable pace of 30-40% year-over-year. Optical transmissions and networking advancements continue to satisfy the traffic requirements by delivering the content over the network infrastructure in a cost and energy efficient manner. Such core optical networks serve the information traffic(More)
A number of critical issues for dual-polarization single- and multi-band optical orthogonal-frequency division multiplexing (DP-SB/MB-OFDM) signals are analyzed in dispersion compensation fiber (DCF)-free long-haul links. For the first time, different DP crosstalk removal techniques are compared, the maximum transmission-reach is investigated, and the(More)
We report a novel real-time homodyne coherent receiver based on a DPSK optical-electrical-optical (OEO) regenerator used to extract a carrier from carrier-less phase modulated signals based on feed-forward based modulation stripping. The performance of this non-DSP based coherent receiver was evaluated for 10.66 Gbit/s BPSK signals. Self-homodyne coherent(More)
Flexible optical networking is identified today as the solution that offers smooth system upgradability towards Tb/s capacities and optimized use of network resources. However, in order to fully exploit the potentials of flexible spectrum allocation and networking, the development of a flexible switching node is required capable to adaptively add, drop and(More)
To the best of our knowledge this paper for the first time implements a novel ICBR scheme in a network with 2R regeneration. A wide variety of physical layer impairments (linear and nonlinear) have been considered and appropriate modeling is proposed to reflect their interplay with the 2R functionality and assess the overall system performance. Using this(More)
We demonstrate two schemes which enable simultaneous phase locking, carrier extraction and frequency shifting for use in stand-alone phase sensitive amplifiers. The schemes provide phase locked pumps at appropriate frequency spacing for a number of non-degenerate PSA configurations.
Experimental investigations of 10×118 Gbit/s DP-QPSK WDM transmission using three types of distributed Raman amplification techniques are presented. Novel ultra-long Raman fibre laser based amplification with second order counter-propagated pumping is compared with conventional first order and dual order counter-pumped Raman amplification. We(More)
Insights into nonlinear material properties of bulk semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) and novel quantum-dot (QD) SOA nonlinear materials have led to novel device configuration for all-optical wavelength conversion and signal regeneration. The paper will review latest developments and discuss novel configurations.
We present a phase locking scheme that enables the demonstration of a practical dual pump degenerate phase sensitive amplifier for 10 Gbit/s non-return to zero amplitude shift keying signals. The scheme makes use of cascaded Mach Zehnder modulators for creating the pump frequencies as well as of injection locking for extracting the signal carrier and(More)