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Cyclin B is degraded at the onset of anaphase by a ubiquitin-dependent proteolytic system. We have fractionated mitotic Xenopus egg extracts to identify components required for this process. We find that UBC4 and at least one other ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme can support cyclin B ubiquitination. The mitotic specificity of cyclin ubiquitination is(More)
A major question in nuclear import concerns the identity of the nucleoporin(s) that interact with the nuclear localization sequences (NLS) receptor and its cargo as they traverse the nuclear pore. Ligand blotting and solution binding studies of isolated proteins have attempted to gain clues to the identities of these nucleoporins, but the studies have from(More)
MOTIVATION Prior biological knowledge greatly facilitates the meaningful interpretation of gene-expression data. Causal networks constructed from individual relationships curated from the literature are particularly suited for this task, since they create mechanistic hypotheses that explain the expression changes observed in datasets. RESULTS We present(More)
We have designed and utilized two in vivo assays of kinetochore integrity in S. cerevisiae. One assay detects relaxation of a transcription block formed at centromeres; the other detects an increase in the mitotic stability of a dicentric test chromosome. ctf13-30 and ctf14-42 were identified as putative kinetochore mutants by both assays. CTF14 is(More)
We have isolated cDNAs and raised antibodies corresponding to the human homologs of the S. cerevisiae CDC27 and CDC16 proteins, which are tetratrico peptide repeat (TPR)-containing proteins essential for mitosis in budding yeast. We find that the CDC27Hs and CDC16Hs proteins colocalize to the centrosome at all stages of the mammalian cell cycle, and to the(More)
A large gene expression database has been produced that characterizes the gene expression and physiological effects of hundreds of approved and withdrawn drugs, toxicants, and biochemical standards in various organs of live rats. In order to derive useful biological knowledge from this large database, a variety of supervised classification algorithms were(More)
Multicellular organisms must have means of preserving their genomic integrity or face catastrophic consequences such as uncontrolled cell proliferation or massive cell death. One response is a modification of nuclear proteins by the addition and removal of polymers of ADP-ribose that modulate the properties of DNA-binding proteins involved in DNA repair and(More)
be wowed by the applications and by the discussions that they engender — that is their intellectual payoff for the hard work and angst engendered by study section service. Reviewers do not begin by looking for reasons to denigrate an application; they look for substance, for reasons to say, 'this work must be done — if successful it will surely have a great(More)
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