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Changing Social Work Students' Attitudes toward Substance Abusers through the Use of an Abstinence Assignment: A Pilot Study.
ABSTRACT Per se, increased knowledge about substance abuse has not been effective in altering social workers' negative attitudes towards substance abusers or their failure to recognize or addressExpand
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Augustine’s changing Thought on Sinlessness
This article explores Augustine’s response to the Pelagians who claimed that if one truly desired to be sinless, one could be. The standard scholarly view, as articulated by Gerald Bonner, was thatExpand
Contra Academicos as autobiography: a critique of the historiography on Augustine's first extant dialogue
Contra Academicos is not one of Augustine's masterpieces and, as such, modern scholarship has largely ignored this text in favour of examining Augustine's more mature works. Scholars do, however,Expand
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Jerome on Sinlessness: a Via Media between Augustine and Pelagius
This article will explore Jerome's understanding of sinlessness and will argue that he saw himself just as opposed to Augustine as to Pelagius. I begin by exposing Jerome's context in the PelagianExpand
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