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Successful realization of the Grid vision of a broadly applicable and adopted framework for distributed system integration, virtualization, and management requires the support for configuring Grid services, their deployment, and managing their lifecycle. A major part of this framework is a language in which to describe the components and systems that are(More)
Status of this Memo This document provides information to the community regarding the specification of the Configuration Description, Deployment, and Lifecycle Management (CDDLM) Language. Distribution of this document is unlimited. This spec is related to a set of four specs that together comprise service configuration description, deployment, and(More)
Within the computing industry the recent shift in emphasis to service-orientation gives rise to the question: how does delivering computation as a service differ from the way we deliver it today? Simultaneously, there has been a corresponding shift to scale-out, commodity computing platforms which has opened a significant gap in terms of control. To date,(More)
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