Stuart Rutherfoord

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BACKGROUND Human prion diseases have sporadic, acquired and inherited etiologies and show considerable phenotypic heterogeneity. An individual inherited prion disease offers an opportunity to study the determinants of this clinicopathologic heterogeneity among individuals with the same causal mutation. METHODS We report clinical and pathologic data from(More)
Genetically determined Alzheimer's disease (AD) is virtually unknown in Africa. We report clinicopathological findings and a presenilin 1 (PS1) mutation associated with early-onset AD in a large Xhosa family from Southern Africa. Twelve individuals spanning four generations were affected, four of whom underwent clinical and psychometric evaluation. Their(More)
Two carcinomas of the breast containing large areas of sarcomatous tissue were studied by light and electron microscopy. In one of these, the sarcomatous element was frankly cartilaginous and in the other, predominantly myxoid but with small cartilaginous-looking foci. By light microscopy, a highly suggestive metaplastic transition could be traced from(More)
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