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Is the Term 'Spirituality' a Word that Everyone Uses, But Nobody Knows What Anyone Means by it?
An investigation into what is entailed by the term 'spirituality' among professionals drawn primarily from the big five religious traditions-priests, rabbis, monks, temple presidents, etc.-revealsExpand
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Proton pumping in the bc1 complex: a new gating mechanism that prevents short circuits.
The Q-cycle mechanism of the bc1 complex explains how the electron transfer from ubihydroquinone (quinol, QH2) to cytochrome (cyt) c (or c2 in bacteria) is coupled to the pumping of protons acrossExpand
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Visualizing cyber security: Usable workspaces
The goal of cyber security visualization is to help analysts increase the safety and soundness of our digital infrastructures by providing effective tools and workspaces. Expand
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D1-arginine257 mutants (R257E, K, and Q) of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii have a lowered QB redox potential: analysis of thermoluminescence and fluorescence measurements
Arginine257 (R257), in the de-helix that caps the QB site of the D1 protein, has been shown by mutational studies to play a key role in the sensitivity of Photosystem II (PS II) toExpand
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Effectiveness of educational intervention on the congruence of prostate and rectal contouring as compared with a gold standard in three-dimensional radiotherapy for prostate.
PURPOSE To examine effects of a teaching intervention on precise delineation of the prostate and rectum during planning of three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT) for prostate cancer. Expand
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Marcus treatment of endergonic reactions: a commentary.
Two forms of the equation for expression of the rate constant for electron transfer through a Marcus-type treatment are discussed. In the first (exergonic) form, the Arrhenius exponential term wasExpand
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Charge nurse facilitated clinical debriefing in the emergency department.
ABSTRACTThis paper describes the development and implementation of the INFO (immediate, not for personal assessment, fast facilitated feedback, and opportunity to ask questions) clinical debriefingExpand
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New age women: Spearheading the movement?
INTRODUCTION A large survey has revealed new information that goes towards establishing the substantial role women play in the New Age Movement, out of which arise important questions about why NewExpand
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An examination of the new age movement: Who is involved and what constitutes its spirituality
Abstract Through substantial new quantitative research, I have found that participants of the New Age Movement are not young and not especially well‐off, but tend to be middle‐aged or older, and areExpand
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Between- and within-site variation in medication choices and adverse events during procedural sedation for electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation and flutter.
OBJECTIVES Although procedural sedation for cardioversion is a common event in emergency departments (EDs), there is limited evidence surrounding medication choices. We sought to evaluate geographicExpand
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