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The relative roles of a macroalgal canopy, Fucus serratus L., and a grazer, Patella vulgata L., in structuring a low shore community of a sheltered, rocky intertidal site were examined using a factorial experimental design. Canopy removal and grazer exclusion treatments were used to determine the effects of both factors on the understorey community.(More)
The effect of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning has proven variable both within and among manipulative studies. Species richness is the most commonly used measure of biodiversity in such studies, but the range of species' functional traits (functional diversity), not the number of species per se, likely underpins a key mechanistic link between species(More)
The link between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning is now well established, but the challenge remains to develop a mechanistic understanding of observed effects. Predator-prey interactions provide an opportunity to examine the role of resource partitioning, thought to be a principal mediator of biodiversity-function relationships. To date, interactions(More)
The long term e¡ects of macroalgal canopy removal on community composition were investigated over a 12 year period. Experimental removal of the dominant Ascophyllum nodosum canopy led to short term changes in community composition, the major features of which were still apparent 12 years later. Ascophyllum was slow to recover despite high recruitment, and(More)
Spatial and temporal variation in settlement and recruitment of the intertidal barnacle Semibalanus balanoides (L.) (Crustacea: Cirripedia) over a European scale a , b b c d ˚ * Abstract Variation in the level of settlement and recruitment in the intertidal barnacle Semibalanus balanoides was studied using a hierarchical sampling programme. The effect of(More)
To predict the risk associated with future introductions, ecologists seek to identify traits that determine the invasiveness of species. Among numerous designated characteristics, tolerance towards environmental stress is one of the most favored. However, there is little empirical support for the assumption that non-native species generally cope better with(More)
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