Stuart P Miller

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Two patients with eyelid myoclonia with absences (EMA) are described. Videotape of the eyelid myoclonia in one patient is presented. An interesting feature in one patient was the induction of clinical seizures only with daylight, and in another the presence of rare, focal, epileptiform discharges during drowsiness. Valproic acid only partially controlled(More)
Some studies on neurodevelopmental outcomes after neonatal encephalopathy have suggested that cognitive deficits do not occur in the absence of cerebral palsy. It is increasingly apparent that childhood survivors of overt neonatal encephalopathy may have cognitive impairments, even in the absence of functional motor deficits. The risk of cognitive deficits(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to trigger the laryngeal cough expiration reflex using inhaled tartaric acid aerosol and to record the latency between the time of initiation of the laryngeal cough expiration reflex component of the laryngeal cough reflex and the onset of electromyographically recorded responses in the external abdominal oblique in(More)
The purpose of this study was to stimulate the laryngeal cough reflex using a nebulized, mild chemical irritant and to record an associated laryngeal evoked potential from the internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve. The laryngeal evoked potential was obtained on ten normal subjects from the right internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve. The(More)
INTRODUCTION In the present case we report on the mismanagement of a patient misdiagnosed with otosclerosis, who was subsequently found to have enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome bilaterally. This highlights the need to not only be vigilant in pre-operative assessment of otosclerosis but also in post-operative investigations of stapedectomy failures. (More)
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