Stuart Newstead

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INTRODUCTION Acute orthopaedic trauma is a major contributor to the global burden of disease. This study aims to synthesise and summarise current knowledge concerning prognostic factors for return to work and duration of work disability following acute orthopaedic trauma. METHODS A systematic review of prognostic studies was performed. The Medline,(More)
This study involved a survey of self-regulatory driving practices of 656 drivers aged 55 years and older. Types and prevalence of self-regulatory behaviours were described and several key characteristics of self-regulators were identified. Those who drove less than 100 kilometres per week were more likely to be female, 75+ years, retired, with arthritis,(More)
This study assessed the relative effects of two intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) systems (informative and actively supporting) on simulated driving performance and acceptability in a sample of inexperienced and experienced drivers. Participants drove a series of simulated drives under three conditions: no ISA (control), ISA informative and ISA actively(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine trends in rates of firearm related deaths in Victoria, Australia, over 22 years in the context of legislative reform and describe and investigate impact measures to explain trends. DESIGN Mortality data were extracted from vital statistics for 1979-2000. Data on firearm related deaths that were unintentional deaths, assaults,(More)
On July 1, 1990, a law requiring wearing of an approved safety helmet by all bicyclists (unless exempted) came into effect in Victoria, Australia. Some of the more important steps that paved the way for this important initiative (believed to be the first statewide legislation of its type in the world) are described, and the initiative's effects are(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine factors associated with return to work following acute non-life-threatening orthopaedic trauma. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. PARTICIPANTS One hundred and sixty-eight participants were recruited and followed for 6 months. The study achieved 89% participant follow-up. METHODS Baseline data were obtained by survey and medical(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to find a comparison crash type that best represented exposure on the road and to identify situations where the induced exposure risk estimates were likely to be biased. METHODS Counts of crash involvements were compared with distance driven estimates derived from a register of licensed motor vehicles to identify(More)
Most licensing jurisdictions in Australia maintain mandatory assessment programs targeting older drivers, whereby a driver reaching a specified age is required to prove his or her fitness to drive through medical assessment and/or on-road testing. Previous studies both in Australia and elsewhere have consistently failed to demonstrate that age-based(More)
BACKGROUND To determine factors predicting the duration of time away from work following acute orthopaedic non life threatening trauma METHODS Prospective cohort study conducted at four hospitals in Victoria, Australia. The cohort comprised 168 patients aged 18-64 years who were working prior to the injury and sustained a range of acute unintentional(More)