Stuart Melville

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We determined the cumulative exposure of 3 body sites to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight for 126 children observed from 1-3 d during a variety of common recreational activities at a girl scout camp, baseball camp and community baseball field. Median arm exposure to children playing baseball at a camp ranged from 27.6% to 33.2% of the possible ambient(More)
BACKGROUND The routine periodic health evaluation (PHE) is a popular format in primary care practice for the delivery of clinical preventive services to adults, but knowledge of the current pattern of use and of the content of the PHE is limited. METHODS We surveyed a random sample of 567 family physicians (response rate, 60.1%) in New England regarding(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between primary care office systems and mammography utilization by women older than 50 years. DESIGN Cross-sectional. SETTING An independent-practice association health maintenance organization (HMO) in Massachusetts. PARTICIPANTS One hundred thirty-two primary care practices, representing 321 physicians and 4378(More)
BACKGROUND Office tracking, scheduling, and reminder systems have been shown to improve utilization of screening mammography, but little is known about the use of these systems by primary care physicians. METHODS We surveyed 132 primary care and obstetrics and gynecology practices affiliated with an independent practice association model health(More)
Prolonged periods of ischemia/reperfusion are known to deleteriously affect skeletal muscle performance. However, in animal models, brief bouts of both skeletal and cardiac muscle ischemia/reperfusion have been shown to decrease skeletal muscle injury and increase skeletal muscle force output, a phenomenon termed "preconditioning". Because there are(More)
PURPOSE To examine the educational linkages between medical schools and public health agencies (PHAs); characterize programs for medical student placement at PHAs; explore attitudes toward using PHAs as student teaching sites; and investigate factors that facilitate or hinder such placements. METHOD A 20-item questionnaire was mailed in the summer of 1994(More)
The use of meteor ionisation trails as 'cheap satellites' to reflect radio waves between two points on the earth's surface is an established technique, called Meteor Burst Communications (MBC). For MBC systems to take advantage of the different amplitude and duration patterns of different trail types it is necessary to predict these patterns from features(More)
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