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Within the last decades, industrial automation has become a driving force in all production systems. Technologies and architectures have emerged alongside the growing organisational structures of production plants. Every innovation had to start from the latest state-of-the-art systems within the respective domain. While investigating the introduction of(More)
A blackboard-based design for a system component called the "Broadcaster" is described in this paper. It supports remote monitoring of reconfigurable manufacturing systems using a novel system architecture coupled with the Component-Based system paradigm. The design of this component has been evaluated using a case study on a web services-enabled test rig(More)
An accurate model of CMOS image sensor noise performance is useful in optimising sensor design and setting targets, ultimately leading to improvements in image quality. Many attempts at modelling CMOS image sensor noise are based on over-simplistic assumptions and may not incorporate a sufficient variety of noise sources to yield a realistic simulator(More)
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