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A computerised information retrieval system of broiler production data has been used to study the epidemiology of contact dermatitis. The results of the analyses of broiler production data for the period 1984/85 were compared and contrasted with those for the period 1986/1987. The prevalence of breast lesions recorded in the latter period was 33% less than(More)
Mobile app stores provide a unique platform for developers to rapidly deploy new updates of their apps. We studied the frequency of updates of 10,713 mobile apps (the top free 400 apps at the start of 2014 in each of the 30 categories in the Google Play store). We find that a small subset of these apps (98 apps representing ˜1 % of the studied apps) are(More)
Lesions of a contact dermatitis have resulted in serious downgrading of broiler carcases in the Northern Ireland poultry industry. A longitudinal survey was initiated to identify the important epidemiological factors involved in the occurrence of the condition. The results from the analysis of data from 986 flocks containing 12.6 million birds over a 2 year(More)
Mobile app reviews by users contain a wealth of information on the issues that users are experiencing. For example, a review might contain a feature request, a bug report, and/or a privacy complaint. Developers, users and app store owners (e.g. Apple, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft) can benefit from a better understanding of these issues – developers can(More)
—The value of responding to a user review of a mobile app has never been explored. Our analysis of app reviews and responses from 10,713 top apps in the Google Play Store shows that developers of frequently-reviewed apps never respond to reviews. However, we observe that there are positive effects to responding to reviews (users change their ratings 38.7%(More)
Although it is generally recognised that tuberculous lesions are present in lymph nodes associated with the respiratory tract in approximately 90 per cent of reactors with confirmed infection, lung lesions are found in only 1 to 2 per cent of such cases during abattoir examination. When lung lesions are not detected, it has been claimed that such cattle are(More)
The "free app" distribution model has been extremely popular with end users and developers. Developers use mobile ads to generate revenue and cover the cost of developing these free apps. Although the apps are ostensibly free, they in fact do come with hidden costs. Our study of 21 real world Android apps shows that the use of ads leads to mobile apps that(More)
The economic effects of increased vitamin E supplementation in 79 commercial broiler flocks incorporating over 1.5 million birds was assessed. Approximately half of the flocks were fed on either a high (178 IU/kg) or normal (48 IU/kg) vitamin E-containing diet. In addition, in approximately half of the flocks subclinical infectious bursal disease (IBD) was(More)
A botulinum toxin from ensiled poultry litter which caused a major outbreak of bovine botulism was characterised as type C1. The litter produced transient ataxia when fed to two experimental calves and the clinical signs were accompanied by a transient appearance of serum toxin. Type C1 toxin was demonstrated in muscle tissues which had been taken during(More)
To evaluate the economic effects of subclinical chicken anemia agent (CAA) infection on broiler performance, clinically normal broiler flocks were grouped into two categories: A) flocks in which none of 10 birds sampled at slaughter had antibody to CAA, and B) flocks in which six or more of 10 similarly sampled birds had CAA antibody. Production and(More)