Stuart M. Rhind

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The presence or absence of types I, II and III iodothyronine monodeiodinase enzymes (MDI, MDII and MDIII) and their levels of activity in the skin of goats, which were orally dosed for 60 days with 0, 1.1, 2.2, 4.4, 8.8, 17.5, or 35 mg(-1)kg liveweight day(-1)of the anti-thyroid, enzyme-inhibiting drug, propylthiouracil (PTU), were determined. Contrary to(More)
Plasma prolactin concentrations during the first 2 months after lambing, at oestrus, and during early pregnancy were investigated in 2 experiments in which Finn x Dorset Horn ewes were mated at an induced oestrus approximately 9 weeks after lambing. Mean prolactin concentrations between lambing and mating were dependent on seasons, being greater than 260(More)
Two experiments were designed to determine the effects of duration of lactation and plane of nutrition on the reproductive performance of Finn x Dorset Horn ewes mated at a hormonally induced oestrus 9 weeks after lambing. In Exp. 1, ewes were mated on 4 December or 19 March and lactation was terminated at 35 or 15 days before mating or 7 or 35 days after(More)
Mature Suffolk ewes were either actively or passively immunized against the synthetic fragment of porcine inhibin alpha, pI alpha(1-30), to determine the effects on gonadotrophin secretion and ovulation rate. Thirteen control ewes were immunized against human serum albumin, 12 ewes were actively immunized against pI alpha(1-30) and 36 ewes were passively(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity invokes a range of metabolic disturbances, but the transition from a poor to excessive nutritional environment may exacerbate adult metabolic dysfunction. The current study investigated global maternal nutrient restriction during early or late gestation on glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in the adult offspring when lean and(More)
Effects of ewe body condition and level of feed intake on ovarian follicle populations and ovulation rates were studied in three groups of 12 to 15 Finnish Landrace cross ewes. Ewes were fed to achieve target body condition scores of either 2.0 (low, LM) or 2.5 (moderate, MM) and then fed a complete pelleted ration for three weeks before study so that they(More)
Finnish Landrace x Dorset Horn ewes of two flocks comprising 47 and 51 animals were mated to Suffolk rams at a synchronized oestrus on 9 December (Flock D) and 8 April (Flock A) after treatment with 500 i.u. PMSG. The ewes were slaughtered between 50 and 145 days of pregnancy. The mean +/- s.e.m. ovulation rates were 4.5 +/- 0.24 (Flock D) and 5.0 +/- 0.32(More)
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