Stuart J. Fisher

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This paper presents findings from a 2-year field investigation of a dissolved hydrocarbon groundwater plume flowing towards a tidally and seasonally forced estuarine river system in Perth, Western Australia. Samples collected from transects of multiport wells along the riverbank and into the river, enabled mapping of the fine scale (0.5 m) vertical(More)
Lipases (EC are ubiquitous hydrolases for the carboxyl ester bond of water-insoluble substrates, such as triacylglycerols, phospholipids, and other insoluble substrates, acting in aqueous as well as in low-water media, thus being of considerable physiological significance with high interest also for their industrial applications. The hydrolysis(More)
SynchWeb is a modern interface to the ISPyB database. It significantly simplifies sample registration and is targeted towards live data collection monitoring and remote access for macromolecular crystallography. It adds a variety of new features including project management, an integrated diffraction image viewer, and a map and model viewer, as well as(More)
Human transthyretin has an intrinsic tendency to form amyloid fibrils and is heavily implicated in senile systemic amyloidosis. Here, detailed neutron structural studies of perdeuterated transthyretin are described. The analyses, which fully exploit the enhanced visibility of isotopically replaced hydrogen atoms, yield new information on the stability of(More)
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