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Typical debugging tools are insufficiently powerful to find the most difficult types of program misbehaviors. We have implemented a prototype of a new debugging system, IGOR, which provides a great deal more useful information and offers new abilities that are quite promising. The system runs fast enough to be quite useful while providing many features that(More)
In this paper we explain the commonality in the structure of different price negotiation mechanisms such as fixed price sales, various forms of auctions, and brokerages. We then discuss the various kinds of auctions. Next we describe the steps of an auction process and the functionality required in each step. Finally, we briefly present the design elements(More)
I have recently written a portable compiler [1] for the Fortran 77 language [2]. It attacks an old language with new tools: the parser is generated automatically from an LALR(1) grammar, the program is produced by code generators designed for another language. These tools proved very valuable, but they are based on theory and experience one or two decades(More)
This paper presents a language-independent proposal for environment parameters and basic functions for floating-point computation, and suggests a specific representation in terms of generic functions for Fortran 77. The environment parameters were originally introduced in 1967 by Forsythe and Moler [1], who attributed the essentials of their theory to(More)