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A role for technology in enhancing students’ engagement with feedback
This paper explores the potential of technology-enabled feedback to improve student learning. ‘Technology, Feedback, Action!: The impact of learning technology upon students’ engagement with their
Using technology to encourage student engagement with feedback: a literature review
This article presents a review of the literature over the past 10 years into the use of technological interventions that tutors might use to encourage students to engage with and action the feedback
Pedagogy first: Realising technology enhanced learning by focusing on teaching practice
This paper explores a “pedagogy first” approach to technology enhanced learning developed by Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) as a method to encourage use of, and experimentation with, technology
Examining increased flexibility in assessment formats
The possibilities of allowing student choice in the format used to present their work, as a starting point for changing assessment, are explored, based on recent studies and current examples of flexible assessment practice in higher education.
Setting out the Role of Feedback in the Assessment Process through Both the Student and Tutor Perspective.
Despite assessment and feedback being important elements of the student experience, it is not clear how students connect these two elements together to improve their learning. What are students doing
Understanding how students process and use feedback to support their learning
This paper presents the results of a small-scale qualitative study conducted at a UK university in which a sample of undergraduate students were asked to reflect on the (often subconscious) processes
Engaging students with feedback through adaptive release
Feedback to students has been highlighted in the literature as an area where improvements are needed. Students need high quality, prompt feedback, but they also need guidance and tools to help them
Making Connections: Technological Interventions to Support Students in Using, and Tutors in Creating, Assessment Feedback
This paper explores the potential of technology to enhance the assessment and feedback process for both staff and students. The ‘Making Connections’ project aimed to better understand the connections
Exploring the processes used by students to apply feedback
Despite the recognised importance of feedback, and the effort that academic staff put into providing it, little is known about how students make use of their feedback to improve their future
Meeting rising student expectations of online assignment submission and online feedback
This short paper will explore how the University is currently working to meet its students’ expectations for online assignment submission and online feedback, through the development of a new Blackboard Building Block that supports the flexible submission of student assignments and the timely delivery of feedback online.