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Representation: Cultural representations and signifying practices.
The Work of Representation - Stuart Hall Representing the Social - Peter Hamilton France and Frenchness in Post-War Humanist Photography The Poetics and Politics of Exhibiting Other Cultures -
Cultural Identity and Diaspora
A new cinema of the Caribbean is emerging, joining the company of the other `Third Cinemas'. It is related to, but different from, the vibrant film and other forms of visual representation of the
Fast Facts
 Very little research examines whether program participation reduces rates of future maltreatment, or re-entry into the child protection system even though these are common outcomes for reunified
The Problem of Ideology-Marxism without Guarantees
In the past two or three decades, marxist theory has been going through a remarkable, but lop-sided and uneven revival. On the one hand, it has come once again to provide the principal pole of
Policing the Crisis:
Encoding and Decoding in the television discourse
The author gives as TV examples and alerts about the danger of developing a study of communication too formalist the necessity of distinctions between the different process of expression and interpretation of messages.