Stuart Hacking

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Recent developments in virtualisation technology have resulted in its proliferation of usage across datacentres. Ultimately, the goal of this technology is to more efficiently utilise server resources to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by abstracting hardware and consolidating servers. This results in lower equipment costs and less electrical(More)
BACKGROUND Postnatal depression seems to be a universal condition with similar rates in different countries. However, anthropologists question the cross-cultural equivalence of depression, particularly at a life stage so influenced by cultural factors. AIMS To develop a qualitative method to explore whether postnatal depression is universally recognised,(More)
This paper draws on a qualitative study that was undertaken as part of a national research study to assess the impact of participatory arts provision for people with mental health needs. It explores how arts and mental health projects may facilitate some of the key elements of what has been termed a 'recovery approach' in mental health. It is argued that it(More)
We classified 242 reliable scales from 12 art-based studies of psychiatric patients into 14 qualitative categories and also by three types of decision: form, objective or subjective content. We used meta-analytic techniques to combine and compare different results from studies testing the asssociation of art characteristics with psychopathology.(More)
Adults with anorexia are an under-researched group because the usual focus is on adolescents. The relationships that occur between healthcare professionals and adults with anorexia are often challenging, because they do not necessarily agree on the goals of treatment. The therapeutic relationship is widely recognized as crucial to care, even healing and(More)
This pilot study reports the development of a coding system for quantitative analysis of paintings produced by psychiatric patients. Color, color intensity, quality of line, space covered, and subjectively judged emotional tone as characteristics of paintings were recorded in each section of a grid superimposed over the picture. A sample of 39 psychiatric(More)
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