Stuart Geldenhuys

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BACKGROUND Hemangiomas, although often small at birth, enter a proliferative phase in which growth may be rapid and unpredictable. Furthermore, involution often takes many years, with attendant psychological sequelae to the child. This is aggravated by the fact that most hemangiomas affect the head and neck and are visible and difficult to conceal. (More)
A controversy exists between vertical mammoplasty and the “traditional” keyhole\inferior pedicle method of breast reduction. This article examines factors affecting breast projection by considering the difference in concept between vertical mammaplasty (using the modification proposed by Hall-Findley as an example) and the inferior pedicle\keyhole pattern.(More)
BACKGROUND Full thickness skin grafts (FTSGs) remain a good option for resurfacing defects of the face, neck, and dorsum of the feet. It results in soft, pliable, functional skin with minimal contraction. However, FTSG may result in patchy or irregular "take" resulting in recurrent contractures and pigmentary discrepancies. This study examines the use of a(More)
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