Stuart Foltz

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As both reliability analyses and systematic inspection programs for the world’s infrastructure gain increased usage and promi­ nence, it becomes more important to use the information from routine visual inspections to update lifetime reliability assessments and resulting life-cycle inspection/repair strategies. The Army Corps of Engineers currently uses(More)
With limited maintenance dedicated to aging dam spillway gate structures, there is an increased risk of gate inoperability and corresponding dam failure due to malfunction or inadequate design. This report summarizes research on methodologies to assist in quantifying risks related to dam gates and associated operating equipment, and how those risks relate(More)
The efficiency of Urban Search and Rescue operations depends on the supply of appropriate equipment and resources, and an efficient damage assessment facilitates deployment of these resources. This paper presents an Information Technology (IT) supported system for on-site data collection to communicate structural condition, track search and rescue status,(More)
In an effort to ensure public safety, many civil engineering structures undergo various inspections to assess their condition or performance. Comprehensive procedures for using routine inspection data to update reliability assessments have not been developed. This paper illustrates how the Condition Index inspection data from a specific miter gate on a(More)
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