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The human-computer interaction (HCI) community is diverse. Academics and practitioners from science, engineering, and design contribute to its lively development, but communication and cooperation between the different groups is often challenging. Designers struggle to apply the results of scientific studies to their design problems. At times, open(More)
IT-driven innovation is an enormous factor in the worldwide economic leadership of the United States. It is larger than finance, construction, or transportation, and it employs nearly 6% of the US workforce. The top three companies, as measured by market capitalization, are IT companies - Apple, Google (now Alphabet), and Microsoft. Facebook, a relatively(More)
1! ! Software is a critical and pervasive component of the cyberinfrastructure for science and engineering. It is the software that binds together the hardware, networks, data, and users such that new knowledge and discovery result from cyberinfrastructure. Furthermore, software must evolve to meet rapid changes in hardware architectures as well as any new(More)
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