Stuart E. Madnick

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The <italic>Context Interchange strategy</italic> presents a novel perspective for mediated data access in which semantic conflicts among heterogeneous systems are not identified a priori, but are detected and reconciled by a <italic>context mediator</italic> through comparison of <italic>contexts axioms</italic> corresponding to the systems engaged in data(More)
Research in database interoperability has primarily focused on circumventing schematic and semantic incompatibility arising from autonomy of the underlying databases. We argue that, while existing integration strategies might provide satisfactory support for small or static systems, their inadequacies rapidly become evident in large-scale interoperable(More)
Awareness of data and information quality issues has grown rapidly in light of the critical role played by the quality of information in our data-intensive, knowledge-based economy. Research in the past two decades has produced a large body of data quality knowledge and has expanded our ability to solve many data and information quality problems. In this(More)
This paper studies heterogeneous database systems from the multiple (poly) source @rrt) perspective. It aims at addressing issues such as “where is the data from” and “which intermediate data sources were used to arrive at that data” issues which are critical to many users in utilizing information composed from multiple sources. Specifically, it presents a(More)
With the increasing popularity of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), service composition is gaining momentum as the potential silver bullet for application integration. However, services are not always perfectly compatible and therefore can not be directly composed. Service mediation, roughly classified into signature and protocol ones, thus becomes one(More)
Data engineering is the modeling and structuring of data in its design, development and use. An ultimate goal of data engineering is to put quality data in the hands of users. Specifying and ensuring the quality of data, however, is an area in data engineering that has received little attention. In this paper we: (1) establish a set of premises, terms, and(More)
Security is an important factor if the programs of independent and possibly malicious users are to coexist on the same computer system. In this paper we show that a combined virtual machine monitor/operating system (VMM/OS) approach to information system isolation provides substantially better software security than a conventional multiprogramming operating(More)