Stuart D. Walker

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Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) technology ("Airwave") has led to public concern because of its potential interference with electrical activity in the brain. The present study is the first to examine whether acute exposure to a TETRA base station signal has an impact on cognitive functioning and physiological responses. Participants were exposed to a 420(More)
With the recent increase of the number of Fiber-to-the-Home deployments worldwide, and the corresponding huge investment in infrastructure, there is a need to devise a migration path that assures the full future usability and enhanced performance of the installed fiber plant, possibly using emerging opto-electronic technologies. With this aim, within the(More)
1: Fully-converged wireless-fixed access network, featuring a hierarchy of wireless cells: external macro-micro-pico cells and femto-cells for within-building access. Network intelligence and cognitive radio techniques can be exploited to offer additional access network energy-efficiency savings. ABSTRACT Node consolidation and an all-passive (PON)(More)