Stuart D. Powell

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By telling stories to ourselves and others we make sense of the world; not only of events and why they happened, but also of the actions and motivations of ourselves and others. However, people with autism appear to live in a less coherent world; autism is a lifelong pervasive developmental disorder affecting social ability. Experiments have shown that(More)
In this paper we discuss the use of interactive environments in autism therapy. In particular we review the Aurora project and summarise the results of three studies within Aurora project, one using a non-humanoid mobile robot, one using a small humanoid doll robot, and the last using a touch sensitive screen. All three studies seek, in different ways, to(More)
Research has shown a deficit in the comprehension and creation of narrative in children with autism which impacts on their social skills. Children with autism form a very diverse group; our research agenda is to develop an interactive software system that elicits children's narrative comprehension while addressing the needs of individual children. This(More)
Children with autism exhibit a deficit in the comprehension and creation of narrative which impacts their social world. Our ongoing research agenda is to find ways of developing interactive learning environments which enhance the ability of individual children with autism to deal with narrative and thus the social world. The study reported here involved 12(More)
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