Stuart D. Elby

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This work proposes a novel native Ethernet-based networking architecture and switching paradigms to implement a truly end-to-end Optical Ethernet infrastructure seamlessly stretching from enterprise LAN to Metro to Global. To this end, the City College Next-Generation Data-Centric Networking Lab along with Verizon Communications scientists and engineers are(More)
TeraNet is an experimental network which o ers user access rates as high as one Gigabit per second (Gbps). The design principles of TeraNet incorporate three main concepts: a transmission medium that contains multiple channels, a system architecture that employs a multihop approach to routing packets, and a tra c control architecture that supports multiple(More)
This contribution discusses options for routing when running IP and other internet level protocols over ATM. The options discussed include layered routing, PNNI augmented routing, and Integrated PNNI. Each of these options are compatible with other related work, including MPOA and NHRP. We briefly consider the tradeoffs between each option, and observe that(More)
A novel optical multihop network architecture that uses wavelength-based cell-switching and that consists of optically separated passive star couplers interconnected by 2 × 2 electronic ATM switches (NIUs) is presented. A fixed assignment TDMA-wavelength division multiple access (FA-TDMA/WDMA) scheme provides a means for sharing the passive star couplers'(More)
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