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The governance of European security
This article seeks to develop a concept of ‘security governance’ in the context of post-Cold War Europe. The validity of a governance approach lies in its ability to locate some of the distinctiveExpand
Culture, Crisis and America's War on Terror
Introduction 1. Disrupting meaning 2. Deconstructing the second American 9/11 3. The decisive intervention 4. The institutionalisation and stabilisation of the policy programme 5. Acts of resistanceExpand
European Union security governance: putting the ‘security’ back in
Abstract The central aim of this article is to discuss the question of how we can understand and explain the European Union (EU) as a security actor – in essence, to elaborate on the currentExpand
Securitizing Islam: Identity and the Search for Security
Securitizing Islam examines the impact of 9/11 on the lives and perceptions of individuals, focusing on the ways in which identities in Britain have been affected in relation to Islam.Expand
Securitizing Islam: Figures
Securitizing Islam: Frontmatter
Comparative regional security governance
1. Researching Regional Security Governance: Dimensions, Debates and Discourses Shaun Breslin and Stuart Croft 2. Security Governance in the EU Space Jolyon Howorth 3. The Other Europe: RegionalExpand
Constructing Ontological Insecurity: The Insecuritization of Britain's Muslims
The development of ontological security studies, for example by Mitzen, Steele, and Berenskoetter and Giegerich, has been an important innovation in the field. However, by focusing on the level ofExpand
Introduction: An Agenda for Resilience Research in Politics and International Relations
During the fallout from the Boston bombings in April 2013, the city’s mayor highlighted the resilience shown by the people of Boston. He celebrated the fact that Boston was a ‘resilient city’ thatExpand