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The ribosomal incorporation of nonnative amino acids into polypeptides in living cells provides the opportunity to endow therapeutic proteins with unique pharmacological properties. We report here the first clinical study of a biosynthetic protein produced using an expanded genetic code. Incorporation of p-acetylphenylalanine (pAcF) at distinct locations in(More)
Fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) mitigates many of the pathogenic features of type 2 diabetes, despite a short circulating half-life. PEGylation is a proven approach to prolonging the duration of action while enhancing biophysical solubility and stability. However, in the absence of a specific protein PEGylation site, chemical conjugation is inherently(More)
Four significant changes in the training of RN Medical and Nursing personnel have taken place over the past four years, since training was last outlined in the article commemorating the Branch Centenary namely, the resurrection of MA training with a significantly increased throughput than previously; a relocation from Dophin II to purpose-built(More)
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