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Cancer accounted for 13% of all deaths worldwide in 2005. Although early detection is critical for the successful treatment of many cancers, there are sensitivity limitations associated with current detection methodologies. Furthermore, many traditional anticancer drug treatments exhibit limited efficacy and cause high morbidity. The unique physical(More)
Nanoparticle-based labels are emerging as simpler and more sensitive alternatives to traditional fluorescent small molecules and radioactive reporters in biomarker assays. The determination of biomarker levels is a recommended clinical practice for the assessment of many diseases, and detection of multiple analytes in a single assay, known as multiplexing,(More)
The potential infectivity of 1129 randomly selected plasma specimens was directly assayed by hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA dot-hybridization. Presence or absence of HBV was then correlated with a biochemical profile of 20 common analytes obtained on these same specimens. We found that potentially infectious specimens could not be identified on the basis of(More)
The hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA dot-hybridization assay has been introduced into clinical practice in Australia and its behaviour compared with that of the classic markers of HBV infection. A good correlation exists between the presence of HBV DNA and that of hepatitis B e antigen but the degree of dissociation between HBV DNA and the e:anti-e system was(More)
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